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The Lucky Thirteenth One
Coming to Paradise

This second volume of collected tales is sure to delight readers of all walks of life.

London Ontario Author Denyse Gervais Regan was born the thirteenth child in a French Canadian family of fourteen children in Elie, Manitoba. Their mother would often tell the children about being left in an orphanage as a child. She would end her absorbing tales by saying, “My life story would make a good book. I hope some day one of you children writes it.” Many years later the 13th one, Denyse, pens her mother’s story and her own, weaving an extraordinary tapestry with the multiple threads of family and community against the formidable background of early 20th Century Canada.

...Suddenly, an announcement was made to all the shoppers in Wellington Square Mall. "Your attention please! Our Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, is arriving at the cenotaph in front of City Hall at 11:00a.m. today." (November 11th, 1971 - Rememberance Day.)

(pic above)- There are some tender moments to read about in Chapter 8 - Lost Treasures

boy_savedRead more about this life saving story in Chapter 12 - The Lost Boy


hockeyRead more about this story in Chapter 18 - Goalie Girl



baby_NINA1Read more about this incredible story in Chapter 18 - Nina's Story







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