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The Gervais Family Today

MARIE LOUISE, maman, born November 21, 1899, died suddenly of a heart attack while on a holiday in Manitoba in June of 1974. She was 74. They had fifty-one grandchildren. Her two wishes were granted. “I don’t want to live and die in an old folks home and I want to be the first to go.” Her brother, Elphage Beaudry, lived near Sparta with his second wife, Helen. He had this to say, with a laugh, as they said their goodbyes. “Marie Louise, don’t you go and leave your bones in Manitoba.”
FREDDI, papa, born January 31, 1896 in Georgetown Minnesota, lived with many of his children after his wife’s death, always helping as best he could and always so thankful for what was done for him. I once asked him if he was afraid of dying. “Oh, no. Marie Louise, Arthur, my maman and well, they are all waiting for me so the party can begin.” I laughed, “And will they have your little glass of whiskey blanc?” “Ah, oui, oui, ma fille.” Freddi died in January of 1981.
#1. LOUIS was born November 18, 1919. He was in the Canadian Armed Forces and trained in Shilou Quebec from 1941-1945. He never married, was a hard working big brother who moved with our parents to a tobacco farm in Quebec in 1956. He died suddenly in his home in St. Thomas de Joliette, Quebec in 1988.
#2. TELESPHORE was born October 26, 1921, married Muriel Casler, had 12 children and moved to St. Thomas de Joliette, Quebec in the fifties. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary there in 1998. Muriel spoke English in the home so all their children are perfectly bilingual. They have twenty-two grandchildren and some great grandchildren. Ted died suddenly in 1999.
#3. MAJELLA was born April 22, 1923. Alex and her lived in Aylmer where they had four children. They later moved to Waterloo where they had two more boys. Uncle Elphege liked to tease Alex, “You will be still getting your baby bonus when you begin to receive your old age pension.” And he was right. Majella was an award winning Avon salesperson paying many of the children’s dentists bills etc. They celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. They have ten grandchildren. Alex died in 2001.
#4. ADRIEN was born on August 15, 1924. Adrien Gervais died August 31, 2017. He married Evelyn Morris in Kitchener 1964. They have two boys. Morris and his wife, Kendra, have four children and they are now helping to run the pick-you-own Barry Hill Farms in Barrie, Ontario. Ian never married and works on the farm. Adrien is still very involved with the farm, the wind fans, their Mexican workers and his giant pumpkins. In 1996 he won first prize for the biggest pumpkin in Ontario.
See their web page- (
#5. HENRI was born on November 1, 1925. He never married and worked at Scarboro Missions house in Toronto for many years. In retirement he lived with Marcel in a cottage in the Gatineau hills. He had a great affinity for animals and trained his dogs to do tricks. Rex could get his tennis racket and open the door on command. He was still playing his fiddle up until days before his stroke. He died in 2009.
#6. LAURENT was born on January 23, 1927, went to Ryerson Arts school, designed for Crane, worked a tobacco farm in Three Rivers, Quebec then moved to Montreal where he began a pool table business making his first table in his one car garage. He and his wife, Patricia, née Devine, have five children and now have seven grandchildren. Four of their children work at Palason Pool tables in Montreal. Their grandson, Chris, manages a Palason store in Ottawa. See their web page Sadly, in November of 2009, their oldest child, Karen, died. The following year (2010) Laurent and his wife died. Their daughter Joanne Gillespie was 48years old in 2013 when she lost her fight with cancer. Joanne is survived by Andy and her two sons.
#7. THERESE was born September 16, 1928. Therese and George Gauthier were married in 1952, lived in the Detroit area where they had six children and now have 13 grandchildren. Therese went to night school doing homework beside her children. Finally she got her high school diploma and was top of the class. After George’s retirement, they found a beautiful home near Lake Higgin in northern Michigan. George died in 2008.
#8. MARIE ANGE was born on May 8, 1930. Marie and Ray Crocker were married in 1951 and lived in Sparta where they had 6 children. Sadly, Ray died in 1990. John McColl (Marie's husband) died March 1st, 2014. Marie then traveled a lot and joined a dancing group where she clog danced at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto. One Sunday afternoon a gentleman came to her asking, “Could you accompany me on the piano with my next song?” She did and has been accompanying John McColl, her second husband, on his violin for 11 years now. They go fiddling around the Rodney and St. Thomas area bringing musical joy to many people.
#9. MARCEL was born on September 21, 1931. After his ordination Marcel studied in Rome and the Holy Land. He taught at St. Peter’s Seminary for many years but grew tired of the institutional life. So, with the bishop’s permission, in the late 60's around the time when many people were leaving the religious life, he phoned Quebec. “Maman, I’m moving into a house, a pink house, here in London.” There was dead silence then, “Avec qui? With whom?” He worked as a bishop in the Windsor and Sudbury areas before moving to Ottawa. He recently retired as the Archbishop of Ottawa.
#10. ESTELLE was born on May 21, 1933. When Fred Gauthier saw Estelle for the first time, in her dirty baseball uniform, he thought she was a boy. When she heard him sing, WOW! Crash Bam Alex-ka-zam she fell for him, they married in 1956, he discovered she was a girl, they had five children and now have 12 grandchildren. Estelle lived and worked as a nurse in the Detroit area for 49 years. They now spend half of the year at their Arizona home.
#11. CHARLES was born January 1, 1935. Charles Gervais died on March first, 2018. After his ordination, Charlie worked for Scarboro Missions in the Philippines for 28 years. He spent a few years doing public relations in Canada then at the age of 65 decided to learn Spanish. He then spent 8 years in the missions in Ecuador. He had retired and planned to write about his amazing experiences as a missionary.
#12. CELINE was born August 21, 1936. She taught school for many years, married John Howard in 1962 and had three daughters. They have five grandchildren. John volunteers selling condos on their church property which will help pay for their new church. Celine studies energy healing and with her ‘healing hands,’ has helped to ease the pain for many of us. They live in Forest Ontario.
#13. DENYSE was born on April 18, 1938. She taught school for many years. She married Larry Regan in 1960 and they have three daughters who have given them five grandchildren. As The Thirteenth One she wrote a play and a book by the same name. Larry has written two one man Fringe plays, singing and acting in both. He is active on stage in many of the theatre groups in the London area.
#14. LUCIEN/HUBERT was born on December 9, 1940. He was the youngest air-traffic controller in Canada at one time. He married Gaetane St. Amour from St. Thomas de Joliette, Quebec, in 1963. They have three children and eight grandchildren who are all bi-lingual. Gaetane is now perfectly bi-lingual and meets and greets the dignitaries at the Ottawa airport. They built a cottage/home next to Marcel’s in the Gatineau hills, north of Ottawa.


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